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Finished Setting Up Octopress

Knowing Octopress for a long time

I still remember the first time I saw a blog which is build on Octopress, I was so impressed that this blog system is neat and great for programmers. But it was built on Ruby, I just gave a thought and did not continue to setup one for myself. Until today, I tried hard to overcome a lot of wiered Ruby problem, and it is online now.

Reason for choosing Octopress

There are many other guys wrote a lot of wonderful posts on this topics. See Chico for his reason and tutorial. Especially when you want to use beautiful math expressions, read this. Other posts like akkunchoi who built his blog system on Jekyll which is the base system of Octopress. Another guy BluePlanet moved from Jekyll to Octopress. Shun Matsumoto also wrote a post in Japanese. If you’d like to read Japanese, it’s a good post.

For me, the reason is simple.

  1. Octopress support git to manage the history of posts
  2. Octopress can be easily deployed to github, FREE
  3. Octopress support using markdown to write my posts, which is much more fun than HTML or any other markup language

What’s next?

Just keep on updating my blogs and bring you high quality posts on iOS/Mac/Web/HTML5 relates fields.

Bon Voyage!